Two big thumbs up to Anna Trester for organizing a fantastic event last night! The first of many, this premiere Career Expo focused specifically on bringing together trained linguists currently pursuing careers in a variety of public and private industries. Well attended by students, faculty and friends of the Linguistics department, several of the participants were graduates of Georgetown’s Masters in Linguistics: Language and Communication program and represented institutions including the Center for Applied Linguistics, Ogilvy Commonhealth, Sprung, Reading Partners, the Center for American Progress, the House of Representatives Periodical Press Gallery, Georgetown’s Center for Latin American Studies, the US Department of State, the Census Bureau, Verilogue, and the FBI.

It was evident from the lively chatter that the world of linguistics beyond academia is alive and kicking! From the variety of organizations represented, this event also demonstrated the breadth of ways in which linguistics, and interactional sociolinguistics to be more specific, is applicable to business today. This was the perfect environment to cultivate interest and confidence in the power of language among current students, professionals and employers and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!