Welcome to Trees that Climb Back! I write to you from Washington, DC where I recently completed a MA in Linguistics (with a concentration in Language and Communication) at Georgetown University. If you are new to the blog, check out my inaugural post which explains more about the blog’s focus. In the meantime, I’ll share with you a little bit about me!

I am originally from Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!) and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Linguistics and Spanish. My work has taken me from the Horse Protection Association of Florida, to the Migrant Education Program, across the ocean to Tsinghua Experimental School in Shenzhen, China, and to Georgetown University’s premier Arabic and Islamic Studies Department. Most recently, my passion for the power of language has led me to act as a linguistic insights consultant to organizations and research firms, encouraging others to “listen like a linguist.”

Addictions: Stationary/Office Products, Plums, Travelling, Over-heards, Sheng Jian Bao
Currently Reading: The Information

Questions? Comments? Just wanna chat? Email me at carolyn.mary.reed@gmail.com!

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